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Hi - my name is Amanda. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am also a photographer. I would love to say that I grew up loving photography, that I have done it my whole life, and I have had a single minded mission to be a professional photographer since I was six. But the reality is that it started much smaller than that. It started as a spark in 2007, when my son was born. It was a desire to capture the smile of my baby boy that grew into a passion for not only capturing my own memories, but for helping others capture special moments in their lives, too.

I really enjoy documenting those moments in places that are special to my subjects… in their home, a favorite park, the family farm, and anywhere else that brings a sense of home and feeling of enjoyment. One of the hard things about studio time at chain places is that you have just a short period of time to sit and smile and move to the next outfit or generic background. I take extra time with each of my clients to coax out more natural expressions and get to the real person. I want to capture YOU and your silly or crazy personalities - how you really are so you and your family will have cherished photographs to look back on for years to come.

Sean & Jill Married {Part 1} | Southeastern Minnesota Wedding Photographer

I was really honored and nervous to shoot Sean and Jill’s wedding. It’s my first wedding as the main shooter and I didn’t want to disappoint them. I was joined by my friend Emily, who is a photographer in the cities, and that made me feel more at ease. Sean and Jill were so laid back that it made it a breeze to work with them and join them on their very special day.

We started our day with the girls as they prepared for the big day. There was some music and a lot of laughter – even a few tears.



While the girls got ready, I snuck over a got a few of the guys getting themselves ready.



This little guy was super adorable though he wasn’t that fond of being in the group pictures.



When the guys finished getting ready, I took them behind the church to grab some shots.



These little girls were too cute for words. Loved this picture.



Meanwhile, Jill was finishing up getting ready.

3 4


When she was ready, it was time for her dad to see her for the first time as a bride. I love the emotion in his face.



Next, we coordinated the first look. Jill wanted a picture of Sean blindfolded using the special hanky she had given him as a gift, but also wanted them holding hands without seeing each other. We had some tricky lighting to work with, but we got both pictures accomplished without them seeing each other before the field.




Then the entire bridal party braved the hot temperatures to get group shots before the ceremony.



Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow



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