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FINALLY! I finally have finished up the gallery for the 2011 offering of holiday cards. I have a couple more I’m going to be adding within the next week, but these should be the bulk of them. You will recognize the gallery from last year. I decided to include those again as well as new ones this year.

The fun difference this year is 5 of the designs can come in fun shapes. 🙂 They will still fit in a normal 5×7 envelop so no extra postage, but they will surprise your friends/family. Unfortunately, I cannot show you in the gallery, but I will be able to adjust your proof when I email it to you to show what the final printed shape/product will look like. I have marked those cards with the word “shape” underneath to show you which ones they would be.

Pricing will remain the same again this year:

$37.50 – 25 flat 5×7 or 5×5 cards with envelopes

$50.00 – 25 folded 5×7 or 5×5 cards with envelopes


Please email me at amanda@amandakelloggphotography.com to get the gallery password and link.


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